Royalties paid

26 Original Fakes exhibition organised by Dale Hardiman & Tom Skeehan

Description of work:
Parcel from the Australian Government to Jasper Morrison with replica royalties for his hard work.
This work raises simple question: Should it be legal to copy anything in Australia providing it is called 'replica'?

Additional notes:
Designed by Stuart Devlin AO and introduced in 1984, the One Dollar Coin with 'Five Kangaroos' is one of Australia's most iconic symbols of currency.
Devlin, whom was also a furniture designer, is one of the most significant designers of our time.  He has designed coins for 30 other countries (including a UK £1 coin), Australia's Decimal Coins and was appointed as Goldsmith and Jeweler to the Queen in 1982.*
*Reference, Royal Australian Mint 2016


Photography by Daniel Herrmann-Zoll with styling by Natalie Turnbull.